Hello, once again audience!

Unlike the last two times I wrote to you, I am now officially and undeniably IN New Zealand! Although the flights were long and exhausting (flapping my arms up and down for multiple hours at a time really starts to hurt after awhile), I can say without a doubt that I am thoroughly excited to be in this exciting new land.

As for a general overview of my current situation, I will recap the basics and add some additional info: I am currently living in the Ilam Apartments at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. I live in a flat with four other students: James from New Zealand, Rondo from China, as well as Shelby and Miranda who are both from the United States. They are all very nice, although we usually keep to ourselves while spending time in the flat. I sometimes wish we would socialize more, but I’m sure that as the semester gears up we will all have plenty more to discuss with each other!

My dorm is not much larger than my room back home, but it is furnished well and has everything I need in it (especially after a few trips to the nearby supermarket, Countdown). Bed, desk, shelves, and drawers- just what you’d expect in a college dorm! I also have my own heater in my room so I can alter the temperature as I see fit. Despite being the person that is usually renowned for his constant warmth on a regular basis back home in Wisconsin, I find that I have been keeping the heater in my room quite high the past couple days… I guess I am still used to the summer weather back in Waukesha!

Shopping for the necessary ingredients to prepare my own meals has proven to be much more of a challenge than I anticipated. Not only are the brands unfamiliar to me, but the very composition of food products is vastly different in New Zealand. As I mentioned last time, I am a rather selective eater. This has made things difficult, but not altogether impossible! After all, I tried fish for the first time in a long time a few days ago and I actually enjoyed it. Plus, there was no allergic reaction, so that’s a positive! Although I will likely be bored of eating a ham sandwich and an apple for lunch along with chicken nuggets and carrots for dinner by the time I return to Waukesha, I will no doubt survive and evade malnutrition while I am in New Zealand.

As for my classes, I actually begin my studies tomorrow afternoon! I say afternoon, of course, because Monday at 11:00 AM is the earliest that I have any of my classes on any day of the week! ^-^ I will enjoy the opportunity to maintain a glorious sleep schedule while at Canterbury. Beyond all belief, I am actually looking forward to starting class because it will keep me occupied and prevent the onset of boredom while I’m here. Also, I seem to have a curious thirst for knowledge, so why not drink up?

I’m not sure what else there is left to say to you at this point beyond the fact that while I am not terribly homesick (yet), I am missing everyone back home and I will greet you all with hugs and/or firm hand shakes upon my return.

Prepare yourselves!

Joshua Bregger


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